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Habs Prepping For Playoff Run


The Habs have had a decent regular season. Bordering around the top 10 teams in the league and been pretty good in an ultra competitive Eastern Conference where any of the top 7 teams could come out as the Eastern Conference Champs this year. Despite having a good team, the Habs management group felt that the team needed more. The has been really good at keeping the puck out of the net this year as they have the best PK unit in the league currently with a 92.5% success rate and the 5th best GA/G at 2.44. The offensive side has had mixed results with a 20th ranked PP unit at 13.4% and a 13th ranked GF/G at 3.18. The Habs don’t have an abundance of spare youth running around for a big time add with what’s on the market this season. However, they may have found a player who fits the mold for the type of player they need perfectly.

Jeff Carter_0

Jeff Carter was acquired from the Flames for 2 4th round picks in 2021 along with a 7th rounder in 2022. Carter is no all-star talent as he is near the end of his career, but he is still an alright goal scorer while having decent two-way ability. Carter will likely take Suzuki’s spot on the 3rd liner and will bump Brassard out of the lineup. Carter also adds a ton of experience and leadership to this young Habs team as well. Carter’s 5.27M cap hit would usually scare the Habs away, but they saved up a ton of cap this year and right now they can spend up to 98.6M of day on cap according to the GVFHL CapGeek. With that in mind, this move brings the Habs cap hit up to only 83M, so with 15M more of playing room will they make any other adds? It wouldn’t be surprising as the Habs believe they have got a good core. There may not be a ton of high end skill, but there sure is a ton of grit which makes the Habs a difficult matchup on any given night. This upcoming deadline will be interesting as the Habs have let the rest of the league know that they mean business.


Stamkos Traded To Montreal

For the majority of the summer the Habs were looking for a true star player to lead the team towards a potential cup run this season. The Habs had a solid 3 line team in their opinion but they felt that they were missing a player that could put the team on their back and win a series single handedly for them.

Enter Steven Stamkos.

The Habs had interest in Stamkos for the majority of the offseason but wanted to see how ufa played out before acquiring him. Stamkos adds a true superstar to the Habs that they have lacked since Ovie was traded in the 2018 offseason. Stamkos looks to center a line with Tkachuk on his left and Forsberg on his right. This line has a bit of everything, high power scoring, two-way ability, and grit.

“He’s obviously a huge add to the team” said GM MacPherson when asked about adding Stamkos. “We came within one game of the finals and we believed we would’ve made it if we had a bit more firepower and he brings just that”.

Even with the add of Stamkos the Habs aren’t the team to beat in the east, but they are for sure a contender who could come out of the east.


Habs Making Moves, Bring In Ellis, Nelson and Coleman

Ryan Ellis_1

This past season the Habs made a Cinderella run to the eastern conference finals, playing in 3 game 7’s along the way the Habs bet heavyweight teams such as the Hurricanes and Bolts before losing 3-2 in game 7 to the eventual champions the Tampa Bay Lighting. The Habs were without Forsberg that game and they could’ve possibly made the finals if he hadn’t gotten injured in game 6. After coming so close to the cup finals again the Habs have shown that they are hungry to get back making some big moves.

The biggest move out of them all was bringing in Ryan Ellis from the Sabres. Ellis is an offensive dynamo and looks to be the Habs #1 d-man heading into next season. The Habs had to part with Rasmus Sandin and pick 27 to make this happen but for such a high calibre d-man on a sweetheart contract it was a deal that puts the Habs into a really good situation financially.

Brock Nelson_1

One of the first deals that was made by the Habs this offseason was acquiring Brock Nelson. The big bodied sniper will be one of the Habs biggest goal scoring threats this season. The Habs had to give up Kupari for Nelson but were able to upgrade their Arizona 5th 2020 to Boston’s 3rd in 2020(more on this pick in a bit). Nelson will have some very good playmakers feeding him passes so it’s easy to see him excelling in a Habs uniform.

Blake Coleman_1

Another big bodied goal scorer, Coleman was brought in earlier today by the Habs to fill a 2nd line scoring role for the team. Unlike Nelson however, Coleman is a pretty good defender and brings a lot of sandpaper to his game. Coleman will likely see pk ice-time at some point and he’s a guy that will cause the opposing team to keep their heads on a swivel to avoid receiving a massive hit.

Derrick Brassard

The final deal of significance to Montreal’s title hopes next year is acquiring Brassard for his second stint in a Habs uniform. Brassard was traded in the offseason for Ryan Kesler right before Montreal won their GVFHL cup. Brassard will play a 4th line grinding role and has the ability to chip in a goal here and there.

While the Habs don’t have a Crosby or Ovie level superstar on their team they are still a deep squad. They look to be a physical two-way squad next year as they try to use the same formula that won them their first cup. One thing is for certain, Habs GM Blake MacPherson is far from done with this team and he will continue to mould this team into a championship calibre team.