Habs Acquire Forsberg, Coming Out of Rebuild

It’s been a wild couple of years for the Habs. From winning the cup in 2018 to burning it all down last year to now looking to make it back into the playoffs led by their youth. Today the Habs made a blockbuster bringing in Filip Forsberg from Arizona along with Erik Johnson and some late draft picks in return for top prospects Spencer Knight, Erik Brannstrom, Eeli Tolvanen, 4M and some early draft picks.This move came as a total shock as at the start of the year it was thought only a miracle would get them into the playoffs. Well as of right now the Habs are 4 points ahead of the 9th place Capitals and adding Forsberg to their sputtering offence will likely help the Habs stay ahead of the Caps the rest of the season.

“This move wasn’t made to make a push this season” said GM MacPherson. “This move was made for the future as a lot of our young prospects such as Tkachuk, Suzuki, Olofsson and several others have shown they can play at a pro level. Forsberg just adds an already established young star player into the mix to help with the growing pains. The franchise has lacked a leader since Ovie was traded and now we hope Forsberg can be that leader. We don’t expect him to be as good as Ovie but we think he can be the guy to make or break a playoff series for us”.

With the Habs coming out of a rebuild so fast people might be asking “can this work?” as the Habs only truly tanked for 1 season. The Habs are looking to show the rest of the league that it doesn’t take 20 seasons to do a great rebuild. The Habs hope to model their team the way the Colorado Avalanche have been shaped up as the Avs have been threat to win the cup every year in the leagues existence, which includes 2 trips to the finals and 1 cup. The Habs have their sight on title contention come next season according to reports. With UFA being a gong show there will be a lot of doubters but there were also a lot of doubters that the Habs could even be a top 12 team in the east this year, so anything is possible.

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