Here We Go Again….

Here We Go Again....

Once again it seems the Habs are trying to defy the odds and punch their ticket to their 3rd eastern conference final appearance in 4 seasons. Playing against a powerhouse Leafs squad it was thought that the Habs would be beat easily as their 7 games series win against the Hurricanes had to have been a fluke. A poll where GVFHL GM’s were surveyed to see who they thought would win showed that the large majority think the Leafs will win. 8 votes said the Leafs would win and 4 said the Habs will win. Only 3 of these votes thought the series would go to 7 games, one of these votes doesn’t count though as that was more so a dream of GM MacPherson to go through another 7 game series. Down 2-0 in the series it looked like the Leafs would get a nice sweep as they had shut down the Habs top guns. Maybe the Habs could force a game 5 but it seemed like a pipe dream. What neither team counted on though was Nick Foligno channelling in his inner Ovechkin.

Foligno has put the Habs on his back in their 3 wins, putting up a total of 7 goals(including 2 hat-tricks), 8 hits, and a +5. What is even more insane if Foligno’s shooting percentage. Not including these past 3 games Foligno has 1 goal on 24 shots for a shooting percentage of 4.17%. For Foligno to reach 7 goals in 3 games with this percentage he’d need to shoot 168 shots. He instead has done it on 13 shots having a 53.8%. What is even crazier is that if you add up the 1 goal he has had in his other 10 playoff games this year and his goal total from the regular season he only has 4 more goals than he has in these 3 home games in round 2. To make his Hat-Trick in game 6 even more impressive is that he scored a 5v5 goal, pp goal, and a sh goal.

Game 7 will be on Friday and the Habs are hoping Foligno has just a little bit more magic left in him as the Habs only have 4 goals this series playing in Toronto. It has taken the Habs 2 game winners in the last minute of regulation and some great play form Foligno to get here. The Habs hope they can continue to surprise the league and win another hard fought 7 game series. Even if they lose Friday there is nothing to be mad at as the Habs thought they wouldn’t even make the playoffs back in October. Good luck on Friday Adam!

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