Stamkos Traded To Montreal

For the majority of the summer the Habs were looking for a true star player to lead the team towards a potential cup run this season. The Habs had a solid 3 line team in their opinion but they felt that they were missing a player that could put the team on their back and win a series single handedly for them.

Enter Steven Stamkos.

The Habs had interest in Stamkos for the majority of the offseason but wanted to see how ufa played out before acquiring him. Stamkos adds a true superstar to the Habs that they have lacked since Ovie was traded in the 2018 offseason. Stamkos looks to center a line with Tkachuk on his left and Forsberg on his right. This line has a bit of everything, high power scoring, two-way ability, and grit.

“He’s obviously a huge add to the team” said GM MacPherson when asked about adding Stamkos. “We came within one game of the finals and we believed we would’ve made it if we had a bit more firepower and he brings just that”.

Even with the add of Stamkos the Habs aren’t the team to beat in the east, but they are for sure a contender who could come out of the east.


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