Letter Sent to Fans in Anaheim

The 20-21 Reverse Retro Jersey of the Anaheim Ducks
The 20-21 Reverse Retro Jersey of the Anaheim Ducks


The franchise mailed a letter to its season ticket holders and shared the letter from the organization’s Twitter account. The letter thanked the fans for their ongoing support and unwavering loyalty. It also detailed the front office’s plans for the future.

Anaheim has already lost a number of familiar faces this offseason, culminating this week with the departure of two longtime Ducks, Matt Dumba and Adam Henrique.

After the team was unable to attract any significant talent during the offseason, several GVFHL journeymen were signed to 1-year deals. Many analysts suggested that this signaled the beginning of a rebuild – especially when considered in conjunction with a tumultuous front office cleanse which likely can be blamed for their failures in free agency. Anaheim held an extensive search for a new General Manager. Unfortunately, one that concluded after the UFA pool had all but dried up.

GM Ken took over the franchise with a decision looming large – retool again for a playoff run, as Anaheim fans have come to expect, or go a step further to reshape and rebuild for the future.  Since the league’s inaugural season, Anaheim has made the playoffs every year but one – but has yet to make it out of the Conference Semifinals. The team has accomplished just enough on the ice year after year to miss out on the most illustrious prospects, a critical foundation to any blueprint for postseason success.

Ultimately, GM Ken made the tough choice and perhaps the right choice – but far from the obvious one. While great players have come and gone in Anaheim, regular playoff pushes have taken a toll on their prospect pool. 

GM Ken has been continuously evaluating his team and sources say he’s listening to all offers. He’s said to have alerted his Director of Amateur scouting that there will be no shortage of picks in this year’s draft. It seems it’s time to prepare for a new generation of talent in Orange County.

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