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Things to keep an eye on (Part 1)

This will be a series of little reminders / hints for stuff you should be aware of and I will post whenever I feel its required.


Lets start with number one: Goalies – Minutes played

Remember we got a little rule that limits the amount of minutes a goalie is allowed to play:

  1. Goalies cannot play more than 4,080 minutes total during the Regular Season. Any team going over this limit will be fined $1 million and have the goalie suspended for the remainder of the Regular Season.


This equals to 68 full games and looking at the stats a few teams/goalies are well on pace to reach that way before seasons end considering there are about 25-26 games left per team


goalie mins


If you are one of the teams mentioned above, you better think about giving your back up a few more games down the stretch.

Early mock draft

Ben (OTT GM), the leagues semi-official chief scout has put together a mock draft, quite a good read.


1. Winnipeg – Auston Matthews
Already stacked down the middle Saif adds another potential franchise C and will slide some guys over to the wing. This team will just be no fun to play against and his salary picks like Zajac have already posted strong NHL years.

2. Chicago – Jakob Chychrun
Didn’t ignore D in the dispersal draft grabbing guys like Murray and Krug but Chychrun provides the tools to provide a true top pairing guy to Chicago and help them buff up the blue line to get the pucks up to guys like Pacorietty Hall and Galchenyuk.

3. Dallas – Patrik Laine
Monohan, Bennet, Fabri, and Domi provide some skill going forward up front but one thing in common with those guys is they’re smaller. Patrick Laine is not at 6’4″. With the skill to keep up with the players mentioned Laine provides the stars with a top 6 option that can protect some of his smaller players.


For the full mock draft, go here

First job for the GVFHL DoPS

The GVFHL Department of Player Savety got its first work this past weekend when Habs GM Josh Silver asked for a review on the play that saw Alex Wennberg pushing Radko Gudas into the boards. The action left Gudas the Injury Reserve for a few days so the DoPS had enough reason to take another look.

After seriously examining the play for about 0.87 seconds the Head of the DoPS Brandan Shanaban decided the only way to make a just decision was to spin the Wheel of JusticeSuspension_Wennberg_on_Gudas