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Penguins Spend Lots in UFA, Prep For Future Playoffs Contention

The Penguins headed into UFA with two things: lots of cap space and a desire to spend it. These two factors combined to form three big UFA signings in Evgeni Kuznetsov, Chris Kreider, and Jake Allen. The Penguins believe in these players, which is shown by the money spent on these players as the first two got 7.5M over 4 years, while Allen got 5M over 3 years. At a press conference following the signings, GM Juliet Richards had this to say:

“Looking at the group of young players I have, I believe that this team is closer to contending for a playoff spot than we are to the start of our rebuild. Given the massive amount of cap space we already have, combined with a need to hit the salary floor, I decided now would be a good time to go out and make some big money bets. Evgeni Kuznetsov has proven in years past that he has it in him to be a first line center and we believe he still has that type of talent. Kuznetzov also expressed interest in coming in and playing with his countrymen Kaprizov and Svechnikov on his wings, so we believe this was the perfect fit. Chris Kreider is a big powerful winger who has shown he can score goals and be a high end contributor, so it made perfect sense to go out and add him into the fold. We see Kreider as a guy who can anchor our 2nd line for years to come while also being capable of slotting into the top line in a pinch. Jake Allen is a good bet to be capable of playing a 1A/1B role, and seeing as our goalies in the pipeline are years away, it made perfect sense to make a bet and potentially gain a starting goalie. Overall we’re very pleased with our moves, and can’t wait to see everything we’ve built over these past few years begin to come together”.

What do you think of the Penguins moves?

Penguins Add Power, Svechnikov in Exciting Off-season

svech power

After a quiet season for the Penguins who finished last in the GVFHL, the rewards for the season of suffering have arrived. The Penguins won the GVFHL lotto, the first lotto win in franchise history, and used the selection to take stud defenceman Owen Power. Power is a behemoth on the blueline, and looks to be a top pairing staple for the Penguins for years to come. The Penguins also traded for a pick later in the draft that became pesky forward Zachary L’Heureux.

Days later, the Penguins made another big splash, sending potential young star center Quinton Byfield to the Flames for star winger Andrei Svechnikov. While it’s tough to trade away such a promising young prospect in Byfield, Svechnikov has superstar potential talent and is already a well established top end sniper. It is also rumored that young Penguins star Kirill Kaprizov highly endorsed the trade, wishing to add another star Russian to the team.

The Penguins also made some other trades/draft picks, acquiring goalie prospect Joel Blomqvist, and drafting prospects Shai Buium, Samuel Helenuis, Filip Lindberg, William Trudeau, and Semyon Vyazovoi.

All in all, the future looks bright for the young Penguins, but expect this upcoming season to be another of pain as the Penguins young guns haven’t quite developed in to full fledged impact players just yet.